Equipping the Caribbean American millennial community with targeted outreach and educational programs helps to foster positive outcomes culturally and socially. This generation is fortunate to have access to diverse resources in the Caribbean community, to help them facilitate their academic, social and vocational skills. Here are few beneficial resources one can tap into.

Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (CACCI)
Whether you are a small or start-up business owner, the chamber provides networking opportunities, assistance with starting and expanding a business, access to cultural activities workshops, seminars and more.  First time entrepreneurs or investors can gain valuable insight to jumpstart a successful career and learn the ins and outs of a particular industry. http://www.caribbeantradecenter.com/index.htm

Indo Caribbean Alliance (ICA)
This organization provides year-round services and supports to foster higher educational goals including SAT prep and college prep workshops. ICA is a strong voice in the community raisin awareness about political, human and ethical issues effecting the Caribbean American population. The organization is committed to empowering the Caribbean culture and its values with cultural events, diverse initiatives and more. http://www.indocaribbean.org/

Caribbean American Center of New York (CACNY)
This non-profit organizations aims to enhance the lives of immigrants, minorities and other groups by empowering them with information and education. They provide educational and counseling workshops, access to job training resources, access to healthy living tools, and awareness on current issues that impact the quality of life of community member, in an effort to create an integrated solution. http://www.caribbeancenterny.org/

Caribbean Culture Theatre
Embodying the Caribbean culture to its deepest roots, this is where creativity thrives.  Arts, literature, poetry, music and dance are brought to life at this magical place and all walk s of life can engage, explore and absorb the Caribbean heritage.  The theatre hosts events that encourage youth to learn about Caribbean pioneers, scholars and influencers, while giving them access to a rare opportunity to express their own creativity. https://www.facebook.com/caribbeantheatre/?rf=113843305313690

Use these resources to your advantage to build, grow and learn within your cultures and diversely.  Share them with friends and family and become a leader in enacting positive change.