Rising temperatures and warm weather call for the beach and outdoor barbeques, but it’s also more of a reason to maintain your home to avoid hazardous wear and tear that can lead to unnecessary claims and higher premiums. Here are a few summer home maintenance tips to keep homeowners cool and safe this summer.

– Have your air conditioning tuned and ready to go. Inspect and maintain to prevent unwanted emergencies. Inspect refrigerant levels, coils are thoroughly cleaned, fan is functioning and there are no potential fire hazards with faulty wiring.

-Roof check- Your roof should be inspected annually to avoid problems. What better time to do this than summer. Don’t let small problems turn into a bigger issue.

– Maintain your driveways, walkways and decks. Being outdoors provides an opportunity to inspect your driveways and pavement for cracks and holes. The goal is to avoid accidents such as neighbors and guests slipping and falling. If you have a deck, inspect your deck for curling, cracked or rotting wood. Replace boards if needed. Ensure your deck support structure is sturdy. Doing your due diligence now, will avoid later possible home inspections and more time and money spent to repair.

– Upkeep your garage. Keep your garage clear of hazardous materials that shouldn’t be left in the heat such as paints, solvents, combustible materials, etc. Do a thorough cleaning to lock away fertilizers, pesticides and hand and power tools. Keeping your garage clean and maintained will avoid unnecessary spills, stains and possible hazardous accidents.

-Maintain the exterior of your home. Take advantage of the warm weather to wash the windows and gutter- water can debris can accumulate which can lead to water damage. Clean the sidings and repair any damaged vinyl or aluminum siding. Check and be aware of termite situations and remedy immediately. Home inspections are happening more regularly – Investing the time now, will save you a home modification later.

-Clean your dryer vent- The U.S. Fire Administration reports nearly 16,000 dryer fires occur annually, which happens because of clogged vents. Invest in a vent-cleaning brush kit which can help clean your dryer vent tubing more thoroughly.

-Maintaining appropriate insurance coverage. Ensuring you have proper coverage that can protect you when you need it most, is most important. Are you insured for windstorms, hurricane, fire, theft, etc. Have your policy reviewed every year and sit down with an experienced insurance company, such as Frank P. Rampersad Insurance, to receive the best tips and recommendations.

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