We often find ourselves stressed, frustrated and just down and out because of our job and its inevitable remnants on our lives. While some of us love what we do and we do it well- the toxic environment we thrive in can distract us from growth and accomplishment causing unnecessary happiness.

The combative tone of a boss who doesn’t possess the skill, drive, or talent to be in his or her position, the scathing emails from co-workers in high positions who believe their ultimate goal is to diminish the existence of your being, the uncooperative teams of people who send you into ten different directions to get what you need because they are too lazy to do it themselves, and the bitter remarks from the caddy “one” who has a sense of entitlement because she’s been there a little over three years- get over it. Unless you’ve put in 10+ years of devotion keep your whining to yourself.

Putting up with all of this can really send you into a career coma- dreading the feeling of turning on your computer and going to your first meeting, talking to anyone to has anything more than Good Morning to offer, seeing your bosses face, and becoming agitated by the minute because you decided not to call in sick today.

Most of the people described above really lack the compassion and dedication you clearly possess and there really is no explaination why they’ve come so far, so don’t bust your brain trying to figure it out. Some are either trying to get you out of the picture because you pose a threat to them, make you slowly cut your own rope so they don’t look bad, or they just do not like you. Is any of this fair? Of course not, but who’s really going to do anything about it. Forget human resources as most of the time it’s a failed attempt that gets right back to the management you are complaining about- which in the long run may give you what you think you want- no job. Talking to other employees may console you, especially if you’re all in the same boat and feeling the same way. But, at the end of the day, you deal with your own problems and you go home to face the sleepless nights, endless headaches and frequent ‘I’m going to quit this f….n job today!” outbreaks.

So, is it really going to knock you down and keep you there? Only if you let it. While I know this is going to sound cheesy and almost impossible at times, I find staying positive and trudging through the mud is the best option in the long run. Well, the best option aside from really quitting and pursuing your dream. For some, quitting and moving on is not that easy if you have a family to support, a mortgage to pay, debt to pay off. Finding another job is a great option, but you actually have to spend time looking, interviewing and don’t forget taking time off from work and dealing with the repercussions of not being at work during a major fire. Looking for a job is stressful in itself, and there’s no reassurance you’ll find something that pays as well, is the optimal location you’re looking for, or is even the best job fit for you.

By staying positive I mean literally looking outside the box of your cubicle and spotting ambition. Finding outside hobbies that raise your self confidence, portray your real worth and give you a sense of accomplishment leaves you empowered and feeling above those who try to bring you down. Some people have so much more going for them outside of work than they realize. We all have unhidden talents and there’s no time like now to unmask them and use it to your advantage. We hear stories all the time of people like Warren Buffet who started off selling gum and coca-cola door to door, but put his time and effort into a real interest which made him a millionaire and America’s business magnate.

There are plenty of business opportunities available that you can devote just a bit of start up money and real time too, and your investment may turn you into the next business mogul.  

In a nutshell if you’re unhappy at work-be happy at life.

Make something for yourself. Start your own business, whether it’s an online t-shirt store, a blog, or a lemonade stand. Become the world’s next biggest humanitarian by creating your own volunteer group and start making a difference just in your community. Join groups, chambers and churches and see what you have to offer.

Think about your talents at work and how you can make money outside using those talents. I’ve developed a career in marketing and communications, and I’m actively using those skills outside of work to head up a non-profit organization, start my own marketing company, and invest in business opportunities.

If you really do want to move on and find a new job, these extracurricular activities and self motivational movers will all look great on your resume and above all, you will start feeling more empowered.